10 Best beautiful & free wordpress themes August 2013

Premium WordPress themes may not always be great solutions for your website or project. Some of them are overcharged and some offer features that you may never be in need of. If you have a small project or if you want to build a simple website with standard functionality to work as a blog, an online presence, portfolio, business introduction site, or suchlike, premium themes may be too redundant or feature-rich. In that case, free WordPress themes turn out to be more suitable solutions regarding the size, the features and the cost.

10 Best beautiful & free wordpress themes August 2013

Besides, some free WordPress themes have enough functionality and features to keep your site operate well and accomplish the mission assigned to it. Free themes can also be responsive, fully widgetized, creatively designed, packed with useful plugins like WooCommerce or Page Builder, etc. no less than premium ones.

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Let me introduce to you the 10 best beautiful & free WordPress themes August 2013. This collection of best beautiful & free WordPress themes August 2013 shows you some really amazing and brilliant free WordPress themes that deliver both beauty and functionality. Some of the themes in the collection are even better premium ones since they offer fresh layout, modern display, customization and responsiveness and cost nothing!

Enjoy our collection of 10 best beautiful & free WordPress themes August 2013!


Time WordPress Theme


Source :  http://www.s5themes.com/theme/time/

Time is a sleek and beautiful WordPress theme for personal blog. If you love blogs with minimal, clean, bright and modern layout, Time will definitely suit your taste. It also offers great features to enhance the functionality of your blog. Time is fully responsive and free.

Gridster Lite WordPress Theme

Gridster Lite WordPress Theme

Source :  http://themefurnace.com/blog/portfolio/gridster-lite/

Gridster is a favorable theme for photographers, designers, architects, creative agency, etc. to show off their work in a professional and impressive manner. Gridster features a left-aligned sidebar that displays the logo and menu, and a grid-based portfolio for your galleries. Your galleries will look amazing as well as prominent in this creative style. Besides, Gridster is highly customizable and responsive, making it a really great option when it comes to free WordPress themes.

Mesocolumn WordPress Theme

Mesocolumn – Community and Ecommerce Theme for WordPress

Source :  http://www.dezzain.com/wordpress-themes/mesocolumn/

Mesocolumn provides a clean and grid-based layout for an eCommerce, community, or magazine website. There is also an additional blog designs for bloggers to take their own journey. Mesocolumn turns your site in to feature-rich and content-heavy website with clear organization, modern taste in elements and lots of widgets. The theme is also responsive, highly customizable and supporting various web plugins.

BoldR Lite WordPress Theme

BoldR Lite

Source :  http://wordpress.org/themes/boldr-lite

BoldR Lite is a simple, clean, modern and intriguing theme for blogs. Your articles will appear in a vertical arrangement with clear display and some relevant info such as time of post, author, category, etc. The theme elements are edgy and embellished with modern coloration.

CreativeMag WordPress Theme


Source :  http://wordpress.org/themes/creativemag

If you want to add some extra colors to your blog and make it fabulous, CreativeMag will help you out!  This is a colorful WordPress theme for blog that comes with a sleek and elegant layout, a decent style and lots of theme customization options.

Travelify WordPress Theme

Travelify – Awesome & Responsive Travel WordPress Theme

Source :  http://colorawesomeness.com/themes/travelify/

Travelify is an amazing free WordPress theme for travel blogs. The theme has a natural layout with edgy and modern design to show your articles in the most “green” way. Travelify has a featured slider that smoothly displays items, lots of widgets to enhance the site functionality, along with various theme options for customization. This simple theme is simply amazing.

Pinbin WordPress Theme


Source :  http://wordpress.org/themes/pinbin

Inspired by the grid layout of Pinterest, Pinbin offers a creative style to display your photos, designs, mockups, infographics, etc. The theme is built for photographers, designers, architects, advertisers, creative agencies, etc. who want to take a different style for their gallery. This grid-based layout theme is fully responsive, customizable, clean and minimal.

Corpo WordPress Theme


Source :  http://wordpress.org/themes/corpo

Corpo gives you a sleek and simple solution for corporate websites, yet it can work for personal websites as well. The theme has a clean and minimal layout, with slider, widgets, custom menu, custom post type and a number of other theme options. Corpo is potential for websites that aims at simplicity.

Estate WordPress Theme


Source :  http://siteorigin.com/theme/estate/

Estate brings you what is so-called the “extreme simplicity”. This concept and taste of the designer have made Estate one of the most appealing and prominent themes in the minimalism style. Though it is simple, it still shows some power and emphasis in the content to convey better to the audience. Estate is also customizable with Page Builder and theme options. A theme that’s worth a try!

Lingonberry WordPress Theme


Source :  http://wordpress.org/themes/lingonberry

This is a clean and simple WordPress blog theme built with fresh taste. The design follows the trend of Metro UI style with flat elements and bright solid colors. Modern typography, edgy and sleek display. Lingonberry is simply awesome.


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