15 Cool CSS & jQuery Menu Effects

Navigation menu has always been one of the most essential and important parts of a website. The menu may only be a simple bar located at the top right corner of a website, taking only a humble space in comparison with other elements such as background images, sliders, content blurbs, articles, widgets, etc. However, the menu is the most looked for and the most used element in the website, as visitors want to navigate better to find their favorite piece of content. Most people don’t like the feeling of wandering around searching thoroughly to find something. They want and need a powerful and detailed menu for better navigation to get straight to the point effectively. This is why, as I said, navigation menu is one the most essential and important elements of a modern, professional and complete website.


15 Cool CSS & jQuery Menu Effects


Various types of menu scripts and menu templates are built to meet the demands and to give users a vast range of options for theme to choose what matches with their taste. Amongst the large number of menu types, jQuery and CSS are the most efficient as well as the most appealing options. jQuery menu effect is smooth, clean with sleek modern transitions that please both webmaster and web users. It also makes the website stand out prominently and have a professional interface, matching with the public taste in this modern era. On the other hand, CSS3 HTML5 menu effect allows you to put on menu bars and navigation buttons with beautiful and stylish design, along with salient effects and transitions, making your website so much more fascinating and captivating.

We have searched around the Internet and picked up the hottest and most prominent menu effects for your consideration. These CSS3 HTML5 menu effect as well as jQuery menu effect will definitely breathe fresh new life into your website and make it perfect. Please take a look at the collection and leave some feedbacks so that we will do it better in our next collections.


Simple YouTube Menu Effect 

YouTube Left Side Menu


This menu style is simple with modern taste in design as well as smooth transition inspired by YouTube. This is suitable for professional and avant-garde websites.


Custom Drop-Down List Styling
Custom Drop Downs


This menu effect has many versions to match with your taste. The Drop-Down list styling is a great choice for websites with heavy content and lots of categories or drop-down levels. It is professional and smooth in every movement.


How To Create A Pure CSS Drop-Down Menu

How To Create A Pure CSS Drop-Down Menu


This article helps you build an efficient menu in a simple way. The menu is easy to use and open the drop-down levels. Try moving your cursor over the menu to see the effect.


Code A Responsive Navigation Menu

Code a Responsive Navigation Menu


You may wonder whether different sizes of the screen compromise the content or not. Let’s build a responsive menu to adapt to the various devices people may use to reach your website. This article explains the way you can build a responsive menu with nice and modern design.


Blur Menu With CSS3 Transitions

BLUR MENU WITH CSS3 TRANSITIONShttp://tympanus.net/codrops/2011/10/19/blur-menu-with-css3-transitions/

Blur menu is a new and creative style to catch attention and make your website prominent. CSS3 HTML5 menu effect like this will surely be the pioneer of a new trend in website design for the upcoming times.


Creative CSS3 Animation Menus

Creative CSS3 Animation Menushttp://tympanus.net/codrops/2011/10/24/creative-css3-animation-menus/

This creative style in menu effects takes inspiration from the new trend in website design: large elements and impressive effects. Check out the examples and feel the attractiveness of the style! This works perfectly for websites that aim at creating impressive and prominent effects and designs to strike hard at the eyes of visitors and make them interested.


Sliding Letters

SLIDING LETTERS WITH JQUERYhttp://tympanus.net/Development/SlidingLetters/

The Sliding Letters is also a fascinating style to catch attention and leave your visitors impressed at the cool transition and awesome effect of your menu bar. This jQuery menu effect works well with any type of websites and appears beautiful on any browser.


Slide Down Box Menu

 slide down box


The Drop-Down menu style has been pushed to a new creative level. This menu style allows you to put in some thumbnail images to represent the menu options as well as to amaze your visitors.


jQuery Navigation

Jquery menu


We have seen this in some modern and professional websites. Why not try to make one on our own now? The tutorial is easy to follow and you will feel satisfied with your result. If combined with Metro UI design style, this menu style will be a critical hit at people’s attention.


Top Drawer


Taking inspiration from drawers, this simple and sleek menu effect is suitable websites with light content or a small number of submenus or drop-down levels.
CSS-only LavaLamp-like Fancy Menu Effect

Css-only Lavalamp like Fancy Menu Effect

If you want to enhance your website with smooth navigation or just want to embellish the site with modern and minimal menu bar, you should check out this style. It is easy to build and the result will blow your mind. Using only CSS, this menu effect is beautiful, simple and attractive.


CSS-only Alternative To The Select Element

Css only Alternative to the Select Element

It is clean and simple, yet nice and impressive with smooth transition and bright color. This menu effect works well with all types of websites, from classic to modern.


CSS3 Drop-Down Menu

Colorful CSS3 Animated Navigation Menu

With the Metro UI design style with colored blocks and modern icons, this menu effect is a great choice for modern website, especially those built in Metro UI design. It is simple, clean, nice and attractive.


CSS3 Animated Navigation Menu

Making a CSS3 Animated Menu

With this professional and clearly designed menu bar, people will have no difficulty navigating through your site. Using CSS3 to build, this menu is guaranteed for quality and effect.


Expandable CSS jQuery Menu With Slider

Expandable CSS & jQuery Menu with Slider

This menu bar is vertically expandable, powered with jQuery open/close codes and built with a slider for further functionality. You will love this menu style.


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