Nowadays, there are more than 181 million blogs worldwide. Although creating a new website is no difficult task, it is a real challenge to achieve thousands of visits each week to your site. If you are a new blogger, chances are that you would find it quite disappointing when nobody read a piece into which you put a lot of effort.


In this article, I am going to show you how to attract at least 50,000 visitors to your site within 6 months in the simplest way. This method worked on my website and I am willing to help you do the same to yours.

1.      Believe in yourself

This is the first step: you have to keep reminding yourself and believe that your site is capable of achieving 10,000, 20,000 or even 50,000 new visits in 6 months. Keep in mind that it is possible: CollectionWordPressthemes.com went from 0 to 200,000 visitors in its first year, whereas wpnewbies.com attracted 8,000 more visits than it did in its first month. Even a website of a new brand without any backlink managed to obtain 100,000 monthly visitors. My website had 326 visits in the first day of launch. After you succeed in convincing yourself that it is possible, the next step is to…

2.      Provide high-quality contents


It is the contents of your site that matter. Great contents will achieve higher ranks by Google. It is not practical to expect 50,000 visits in the first month: initially, your site should just attract around 500 visitors, then 1,000. The amount of visits increases with the months. As a result, if your post cannot manage to convince the first 1,000 visitors to return to your site, you should double check the contents of that post, and it may take a long while before you can attract visitors to your site again.

3.      Optimize SEO for your contents

The more you write on your site, the more likely it is that your site will pop up in people’s search results. Here are some tips for what you should include in your post:

­   Choose a key word before writing: I tried using software called ‘Market Samurai,’ which gave me the ranks of key words. Then, I rewrite my post so that it only talks about one certain matter. For example, I decided to write about Facebook and after a little research, the key words I picked were ‘Facebook likes at competitive prices.’ Within 24 hours of my publishing, the post managed to reach No. 3 in the search results of Google.

­   Place the key word in the heading: this is one of the most basic SEO tips. For example, if you want to write an post about bringing up children, and the key words are ‘tips for parenting,’ the heading of your post should be ‘8 best tips for parenting in the 21st century’ or ‘Tips for parenting: 8 things you should know about bringing up your child in the 21st century.’

­   Place the key word several times in the post: it is ideal to place the key word 3 or 4 times in your post, depending on its length. I advise you to include them in the post in the most natural way possible, and avoid placing the key word too many times.

Once you follow these tips and publish 3posts a week on your blog, you will have a total of 72 posts in 6 months – all of which serve the same purpose: to pop up in the results of many search engines. Imagine your posts are not optimized for SEO and they could only attract 10 visits each day. After this search engines optimization, they could manage to gather a total of 22,000 visits to your site each month from search results.

4.      Receive backlinks

As we are dealing with a brand new blog, it is quite difficult to receive backlinks. You could buy them from Fiverr. I know this sound like black hat SEO but in fact it is not. You just need to find a contract, pay $5 monthly for people who will rewrite your posts using special software, and send them to 20 folders of post.

5.      Guest posting

As I mention above, guest posting is about as powerful as backlinks. Some blogs still allow guest posting, so what you should do it write a guest-posting post each day. If you manage to publish 10 guest-posting posts in a month, you will have a total of 60 of them in 6 months. These posts are able to direct the readers to your site efficiently, as well as help your site achieve higher ranks faster thanks to the healthy links to your site.

6.      Comment

Marko Saric is proud of how he managed to obtain 230 visits from only one comment. Like guest posting, you should find from 5 to 10 leading blogs in the business and leave a positive comment for each of their post. It should not take you more than 5 minutes to do this task.

7.      Email for support

This is one of the most popular traffic strategies. You need to find someone who is quite influential in the business and write him an email. In the email, just ask him to check your latest post and say that you will not mind if he tweets it to his followers.

You will be amazed by the positive effect of this method. Many people are willing to help you. I tried this with Neil Patel and he tweeted it to his 114,000 followers and as a result, many visitors are directed to my website. In fact, this is a real conversation between us and of course I have to hide his email address.

Now imagine sending 50 emails to 50 people in one week, I am sure that the results will be more than astonishing to you.

I have finished showing you the 7 steps to obtain 50,000 visits to your site, and I will be more than happy to see some article on your site in the next few months about how you succeeded to attract thousands of visitors to your site using the above-mentioned methods.