7 Website design trends 2014


2013 has just passed, and we are now warmly welcomed by 2014 with a promising sight of new developments in website design markets and in people’s taste. 2013 has seen the rise of many trends in website designs, some of which have been very well received by customers and users. Standing at the edge of 2014, we can now predict what will be going on for the trends in 2014. Some trends have made clear statements of their dominance in the market. Nevertheless, tastes can change out of accordance with our predictions and can result in the rise of perhaps some new trends that we have never thought of, like the situation of flat design and large typography trends back in the days.

We have made some researches on website design trends 2014 and we have made our predictions of what they will be. Catching the trends of the year right from the beginning days will surely seize the advantage for you and will turn your website into an appealing, avant-garde, fashionable and stylish tool for your business, portfolio, online store, etc.

This article will be introducing the trends of website design for 2014 that can greatly influence our way of doing webpages. Check the list below and see what trends will take the steering wheel this year.

Flat Design

flat design

Flat design has made a strong statement in 2013 and has really stirred up the way people decorate their websites to a great extent. This trend will not cease to influence in 2014. We have seen a great movement towards flat design from more and more companies in the world, with the clearest examples of Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, etc. Companies are now building their image using the flat design not just in their website, but in their logo, products, office decoration, and so on. The concept of dropping shadows, 3D effect or popping visual tools are gradually sliding into the bygone past and making way for the flat design. Website developers and designers have expressed their absolute interest in this trend, and so do users and web visitors. This trend will remain its huge influence in 2014. You can get best flat design wordpress themes 2014 here

Responsive Layout

Responsive Layout

The development of technology in mobile phones and tablets has revolutionized the way people get access to the Internet. Nowadays more and more people are using their mobile phones and tablets to reach websites, read news online, or to shop in online stores. Websites without a peculiar layout for such devices will see themselves frowned upon and thumbed down. Responsive layout is now getting more and more of a must-have feature in modern websites. So if you want your website to be more up-to-date, make sure the layout looks perfectly fit in phones and tablets.

One Page Style with the integration of Parallax Background

Many websites have put their contents on to one main homepage with a long scroll. This is said to aim at saving visitors’ time of reloading the website when they want to read other contents. The one-page style also adds a great visual effect on your site with transition and scrolling eye-candy. The style is often embellished by Parallax background, which means that the background images will slowly move along with your scrolling, thus making things less boring and more interactive.

Fixed Header Bar

Fixed Header Bar

Scrolling down to the middle or the bottom of the page and want to navigate to other contents, then you have to move back to the top to find the menu bar? That is so tiring and time-consuming. A fixed header bar that follows the users everywhere they scroll is a lifesaver and a great trend that will surely grow in 2014. A fixed header bar provides easy navigation on the page as visitors will have no difficulties clicking to move to other contents without having to scroll back. Moreover, a fixed header bar that follows people everywhere will naturally tempt them into clicking to explore more of your contents.


The rise of this type of information display has been considered to flourish in 2014, especially in portfolios and corporate websites. Infographics add to the visualization of information and contents, thus making it your contents less boring and easier to absorb. Infographics can be easily embellished with flat design and parallax effect for the maximum eye feast. Besides, having infographics in your website with a high level of user interaction, which means they can control what they want to read and what is shown, with smooth transition and some users’ open settings, can be a super effective tool in promoting your site and your portfolio.

Large Fonts, Beautiful Typography and Full-width Background

font 2014

These trends often come together in adding more visual effect to catch the eyes of visitors and tempt them into exploring the contents. They also give your website a fresh and modern look without much work. The element here is the creativity and aesthetic taste.

Minimalism and Color Mix

More white space, less texts, simple decoration, no flash. These are what people want to look at in a 2014 website. The minimalism has done a great job in 2013 with almost all new websites established with this idea. The color also adds their part to making people feel comfortable and interested when visiting a website. There are many styles of color mix. Once again, it is up your taste to decide what color style suits you most. As in 2014 people will have a greater interest in smartly colored websites, you’d better decide your own color style now.

These are the trends that we believe will dominate the market and become the hottest idea for website design in 2014. We are stilling looking forward to creative and breakthrough ideas for website design trends 2014. In the meantime, the above-mentioned trends will continue their job and catching up with the fashion will save you a strong advantage over others.