8 Features A WordPress Theme Must Have

8 Features A WordPress Theme Must Have


Usually, when shopping for a WordPress theme, we just focus on the visual appearance of the theme itself. The most important thing we think we should check first is whether the theme is beautiful, professional and appealing or not. In addition, the decision to buy a WordPress mainly comes from the aesthetic sense of the customers. This is not a bad way to buy a WordPress. Visual impact is important, indeed. However, there are more that you need to concentrate on if you want to buy a WordPress theme that is both beautiful and fully functional. This article will be talking about 8 indispensable features of an excellent WordPress theme.


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1.    Responsive Design

The high-the era has created the trends of using browsing websites using cellphones, tablets, notebooks and other devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. It would be great if your website is designed responsive to adapt to every screen size easily. This helps people reach your website more comfortably, not having to scroll left and right or to zoom in, zoom out to see the content.
Responsive design also helps rearrange your content to fit in the screens, avoiding compromising the content in a messy way like some websites. In addition, responsive design comes with smooth transitions and appealing movement of elements in the website, which is currently the hottest trend in the industry. Therefore, pick up a WordPress theme with responsive design is a beneficial strategy.


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2.    Multiple Page Styles

Another cool feature is the multiple page styles, allowing you to build different styles in your website for different sections, purposes or functions. For example, the product page has a professional, clean and inviting style; the blog page has a friendly and outgoing style; the gallery page has amazing and appealing decoration and elements. Various page styles will keep your audience fascinated and encouraged to explore more.


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3.    Advanced Social Sharing Features

Facebook has raised the trend of using social networks in the majority of Netizens. Social networks can tremendously help distribute your website content as well as work as an agent to introduce your website to new audience. Therefore, having social network icons and buttons in a website is important and essential if you want your website to be widespread. Some WordPress theme has social links like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest already built in for you. Make sure you check this feature before purchasing a theme.


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4.    All in One Bundles

Some WordPress themes are built in a whole package with other business items such as business cards, newsletters, Facebook covers, etc. This feature allows you to establish a unique and harmonious style for many things related to your business portfolio. Everybody would love to see a company with professional cards, newsletters, websites, Facebooks that are of the same style. If you want to establish a professional website for business, portfolio or blog, make sure the WordPress theme you want to buy has this feature.


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5.    Professional Theme Framework

The most fundamental of a good and efficient WordPress theme is the framework. A great framework will allows you modify the theme to your preference without any trouble. Besides, it can be designed with user-friendly functions and easy-to-understand control board. You need to make sure you are choosing the right theme framework so that you will not have any difficulty working with your website in the future. Various professional theme frameworks are available on the Internet, so keep a sound mind to choose the most suitable theme framework.


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6.    Include some premium gallery sliders

Sliders are one of the trends in modern WordPress themes. Some come with premium gallery sliders that are beautiful, professional and smooth. The sliders will be an attention-catching tool in your website. This is where people cast their eyes on first when they come to your website. Therefore, keep them fascinated with high-tech smooth premium gallery sliders that are up in styles and excellent in functions. Some WordPress themes now have parallax sliders, 3D sliders, full-screen sliders, etc. to make sure their audience will not get bored when looking at the site.


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7.     Support Multi-shortcode

Shortcodes are indispensable elements of a website. The more shortcodes are provided, the more comfort you have when customizing your website. Some websites provide a humble number of shortcodes. Some provide abundant numbers. However, not every theme supports multi shortcode. You need to check this feature carefully along with other important features. Multi-shortcode allows you to add functions, buttons, links and elements to your site more easily and comfortably.


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8.     Support Multi widget

Like the multi-shortcode feature above, multi widget is also a great feature for your website if you want it to be fully functional, diverse with many sections, parts and elements. Many WordPress themes come with fascinating widgets to help building a set of additional functions to make the site more appealing and user-friendly towards the audience, as it will please any of their needs. This is a must-have feature if you want to buy a highly potential and efficient WordPress theme.


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