Background Pattern Designs And Resources For Websites

1. Pattern for website design

Background Pattern Designs And Resources For Websites

Pattern is one of dispensable parts when it comes to website design. Nowadays, you should think it twice before applying a full-brown image to the background. Why? There are some devices and screen solutions that cannot display it well. And we know that you don’t want to annoy your visitors by those petty problems, right? That is why in this article, we offer you this pattern collection.This collection will be an effective assistant for your design job. Patterns are kind of images that are repeated vertically or horizontally. This kind of stuff proves it effect well in the responsive era.


2. Websites offer patterns

There are many website that provide patterns freely, but not all of them are truly nice. So, we have researched and collected the best ones for you. The mentioned below is the list of websites which offer a lot of beautiful patterns. Enjoy!

2.1 Brusheezy


2.2 Colour Lovers

Colour Lovers

2.3 Designmoo

2.4 Subtle Patterns
Subtle Patterns

2.5 DIN Pattern

2.6 WDL, from DevianArt

3. CSS3 pattern

You want to reduce the weight of the load of your website? It is recommended that you should try the CSS3 pattern. This is a kind of pattern that is generated by code. The following websites will give you more information about this new and cool technology.

3.1 CSS3 Patterns Gallery
CSS3 Patterns Gallery

3.2 CSS3 Pie Gradient Patterns
CSS3 Pie Gradient Patterns


4. Pattern generators
The pattern in those collections and galleries don’t meet your need? Don’t worry. You can take full advantage of your creativeness to design a one for yourself. It sounds cool, isn’t it? The pattern generators listed below offer CSS3 code as well as image files.

4.1 Tartan Maker
Tartan Maker

4.2 Patternizer
BG Patterns

4.3 Stripe Generator 2.0
Stripe Generator


4.4 Repper Patterns

4.5 BG Patterns

4.6 Pixelknetes Background Dotter

4.7 BG Maker

4.8 Stripemania

4.9 Seamless Lite, by Colourlovers

4.10 Guilloché Pattern Generator

4.11 Stripe Backgrounds

4.12 Patternify


5. Website with beautiful patterns

To give you a full look and some best example about pattern design. Here are some websites with awesome pattern for your reference.

5.1 Pop the Box

Pop the Box


5.2The Expressive Web

The Expressive Web