Changes in WordPress 3.7 – Update now

The 3.7 version of WordPress is named Basie after the Jazz musician Count Basie

The main changes are:

  1. Automatic Updates
  2. Improved Search
  3. More Secure Passwords
  4. Improved Globalisation Support

WordPress 3 7 changes

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1. Automatic Updates


The site admin would have to log into the admin area and update the website manually in the past.

WordPress Update


2. More Secure Password Meter


The stories you’ve heard about WordPress not being secure is wrong. The core code is very secure, and mantained by hundreds of developers so this is simply not the case.

One of the biggest ways to hack a WordPress site is a brute force attack on the login page, this is when a script is ran on the wp-login.php page to try and gain access to the admin area. Because this page is located at the root by default on every WordPress install it’s easy to find this page, then the script will enter the most common usernames, admin or webmaster and proceed to randomly enter passwords to gain access.

Now, WordPress uses an improved password meter to let users know if they’re using a strong password.


3. Improved Search


In this release WordPress have changed the search functionality to become more useful by now returning the posts in order of relevance.

So now when you search for the full title of a post this will now be returned as the first post where as before this could appear lower down on the list depending on when it was published.


4. Improved Globalisation Support


Auto updates for localized versions of language files have been added as well, allowing other languages to receive faster and more complete translations.


Date Queries

The WP_Query class has been updated to include more options for querying your posts by date.

Added parameters are:

  • after (string/array) – See WP_Date_Query::build_mysql_datetime()
  • before (string/array) – See WP_Date_Query::build_mysql_datetime()
  • inclusive (boolean) – For after/before, whether exact value should be matched or not
  • compare (string) – See WP_Date_Query::get_compare()
  • column (string) – Column to query against. Default: ‘post_date’
  • relation (string) – OR or AND, how the sub-arrays should be compared. Default: AND

Developer Function Updates

Mutlisites have been given a new function that has been needed for a while, to get a list of all sites in your network you used to be able to use the function get_blog_list(). But this was deprecated in version 3.0 because of performance problems and has been replaced by the function wp_get_sites() which returns an array of all sites currently on the network.

There are many other development improvements on that can be found in WordPress 3.7.1