Features That All Successful E-Commerce Sites Have

When building an e-commerce product site, it is of utmost importance to bear in mind that user experience determines the whole success of your business. Most of the time, it is a professional looking and user friendly site that attracts the most customers because it is capable of delivering a good sense of trust. For that you can check out some of the best ecommerce WordPress themes 2014 here with really nice designs but, however, it’s not enough yet. So how exactly do we do this?

Features That All Successful E-Commerce Sites Have

Having all the right features on your site is the key. In fact, depending on the specific type of business you will need a slightly different set of features. However, we have here a checklist of indispensable elements that no online retailer should do without if they wish to see great online sales. These components make up most of the things that customers generally expect from their trusted e-commerce product pages.


Search Box

01-Search Box

First ensure that you have a search box prominently located so that visitors can quickly look up products they are interested in.

Clear categories

Smartly organized e-commerce sites with good navigation have better chances of being successful. List your products into clear categories which are easily accessed, for example, from the top of the page or from the side columns.

Customized product description

Not only will this aspect provide a unique touch to your product pages but also deliver some great SEO benefits. With a unique copy, you will effectively stand out in search results among competitors and can also include more text or keywords for indexing.

Complete product details

02-Complete product details

Price. Of course. Product availability is required as well. We would not want to disappoint any customer when they see their chosen product is actually out of stock. Also, this creates a nice push when there are only a few items left.Technical details including materials, weight, dimensions etc. as well as additional information such as ratings, awards etc. should be included if possible because, you know, customers need the details. The more information is available, the easier it is for them to make decisions.


Good visuals

Good impressions are always important. Customers are naturally more interested in a good-looking professional website and beautifully presented products. It is also a plus point if you provide product zoom-in featureas this well replaces a direct feel and touch experience for customers. It is more reassuring for customers when they can view products in detail.

Prominent Add to cart button

Remember, it’s vitally important to make a big call to action so choose bright contrast colors.

Add to wishlist option

06-Add to wishlist

Interested in something but not going to buy yet? Simply bookmark that item and come back later. This feature also assists the retailer in learning about the market’s interest, and therefore can remind customers when they come back or via email.


Good payment gateway

03-Good payment gateway

Give your visitors more assurance by providing good payment gateways they are comfortable with. Also clearly show all accepted payment methods as this aspect has a significant influence on shoppers’ purchase decision.

Specific delivery information

Besides product details, the ability to get hold of products within a specific time frame and the cost are decisive factors for some customers. Therefore, make sure to include clear delivery time scales and method.

Good returns policy

Clear, flexible returns policy gives a hesitant customer more incentive to make a buy decision. As it’s possible to return the purchased products in case something goes wrong, customers feel safer to purchase and thus sales increase.

Prominent contact number or live chat

08-Live chat (or a prominent contact number)

It’s important for most online retailers to provide a specific contact number or, even better, live chat. As customers often have questions about the products or some other things, the service might win you some hesitant customers.



Trustmarks are most effective for less well-known retailers to establish trust at a first sight. In such cases, security signs and/or testimonials combined with a professional and friendly interface is your winning formula!


Highlight featured products & special offers

10-Highlight special offers

Take advantage of the homepage sliders or the side columns to display top sellers, special offers or any major product you want to push. This makes sure such information gets noticed and also benefits the customers.

Related products

04-Related products

“Customers who bought this also bought…” or “People who liked this also liked…” – the Amazon classic sections. There is no better way to carry out up-selling and cross-selling because by showing customers relevant recommendations, we create more chances to persuade them to buy multiple products at one time. This simple yet clever technique at least ensures that your visitors will be interested in a few more products.

Product reviews & ratings

Most customers pay attention to the average review score and the number of reviews of a product as a quick judgment of previous customers’ opinion and interest in that product. Therefore, this feature is quite a useful element to include on your product page. The detailed reviews and comments shall be shown further down preferably with summaries and pros and cons.

Newsletter Subscription

07-Newsletter Subscription

Not only can customers receive up to the minute news and promotions, but you will also be able to put together a mailing list for future marketing campaigns.

Good social media presence

05-Good social media presence

Even if your visitors don’t make any purchase, when they share your products on social networks you will also reach a wider audience. Therefore let your visitors promote your products by having convenient Social Media Logos. Also, customers value interaction and direct support via networking sites so a good social media presence greatly enhances your reputation and overall online presence.

We have gone over some product page essentials that all successful e-commerce sites have. Please also bear in mind that this checklist is not exhaustive and as previously mentioned might vary according to your business sector and targeted market. However, this should give you a clear idea of how to best equip your e-commerce site for successful online sales!