Top 5 High Quality Hosting Services For WordPress


For the time being, there are numerous foreign and domestic companies being in charge of providing wordpress hosting services and domain for all individuals, enterprises with various packages. However, as a blogger just begins to step on the path of writing blog, a large number of people have chosen the option of using free hosting services for the purpose of creating brand and gaining experience before investing in paid hosting packages of high stability, huge volume and especially, the professional assistance when accidents occur.

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1.         Hostgator – The best hosting services


            HostGator is a familiar name to a plethora of people as it is one of the ten largest companies in the world being major in hosting services and domain. Statistically, HostGator is providing hosting for more than 5 million domains and over 5 hundred staff members. Those numbers have partially gained the faith of people and as far as I know, there are quite a few companies and bloggers working as reseller for HostGator as well as using their services.

            Nevertheless, the $3.71/month package also has its own limitations since you can host for only one domain, if you want unlimited, then you need to use baby package of $5.96/month. Furthermore, you can receive a discount of up to 25 percent if register immediately and use the coupon 25SALEOFF4U  as informed. Of course, there will be one free domain.

            Know more about how to register for free using in one month + domain at HostGator or use coupon: BESTFREE4U . Chance of one-month free using with only $0.01!


2.         DREAMHOST 


            DreamHost is one of the most prestigious, high-quality hosting providers that is widely used by bloggers. DreamHost usually has numerous incredible sale-off campaigns for the customers.

            Most of the bloggers have to resort to tips so as to register. Recently, however, DreamHost has given out the sale-off package of $2.95/month for everyone. Moreover, you can even use the coupon: DREAMCOLLECTION in order to receive an additional discount of $97. So awesome and it seems that DreamHost is free for you to use!


3.         BLUEHOST – A reasonable choice


            When it comes to high-quality hosting services, BlueHost can be more than a match for HostGator and DreamHost as it is also widely used by a significant number of bloggers in Vietnam. Blogviet used to undergo a period of time hosting at BlueHost before it switched to HostGator. The reason is not because their host is bad. During that period, my site suffered from DDos, so according to their policy, I had to find another new provider.

            With the cost of only about $6.95/month, you are bound to own the unlimited package along with an eternally free domain if you agree to continue to use their hosting. And if luck smiles at you, you can register BlueHost with only $3.95. Nonetheless, that coupon rarely shows up on the home page, and if that case does happen, that coupon only lasts about 2 hours, no more.


4.         STABLEHOST – High-quality litespeed hosting and 50percentlifetime discount!


            StableHost is an emerging provider and well rated by the community on WebHosting Talk. Most of the evaluations indicate that this provider is strongly supported and highly recommended since their service quality and the attitude of assistant staff are both good. StableHost, for the time being, is also selling US and Europe hosting for the ones who have demand for choosing the place of data center. The price is only about $3.95/month and if you use the coupon of 50-percent discount, then the price is only about $2/month.

            When register for StableHost, you should use the coupon: 5050 which is specially made for USA hosting packages.


5.         JUSTHOST   


            This is also one of the prestigious hosting services made for WordPress with lots of incentives. Moreover, thanks to the acquisition of SuperGreenHosting and HostClear, now JustHost has more options for their clients.

            Plus, you can enjoy the coupon of up-to-50-percent discount by dint of using the discount code 50OFF when register. This advertising code does not show up on the home page of JustHost, so you can change it into your own tool or perhaps introduce this service to your friends to register for the benefit of cost-saving.


The aforementioned ones are only 4 in thousands of companies providing hosting services, domain like Yahoo, GoDaddy, etc. and Blogviet knows it very well all thanks to their past experience. The abovementioned companies are arranged in the ascending order of price, not based on their reputation or prestige since there are many other elements involved in this matter.

I do admire the saying that bloggers often use – “You get what you pay for