How to easily install WordPress on Hostgator

How to easily install WordPress on Hostgator

To begin with, you need to register for Hostgator hosting. If you don’t have Hostgator account, you are able to sign in by the link. And don’t forget to use Coupon to save money. Enter 25SALEOFF4U to get 25% discount and BESTFREE4U to get the first month FREE.

After signing in, you should change the DNS of the domain to identical to the DNS which provided by Hostgator.

Now, we are going to install WordPress on Hostgator via Quick Install tool

Step 1: Log in the Cpanal of Hostgator (In most cases:

Step 2: Scroll down and find Quick Install

Step 3: After accessing to Quick Install, you choose WordPress Menu on the Sidebar.

  • – Choose the domain that you want to install (enter the folder which you want to install if you wish your website has
  • – Enter necessary information:
    • + Admin email (Important)
    • + Blog title
    • + Admin user (It is recommended that you shouldn’t use admin account)
    • + First name
    • + Last name
  • – Click Install Now

Step 4: Wait about 5s for completing the installation:

System will automatically provide you with Sign in URL, username and password (Automatically) You should log in and change password :

  • – Choose sign in link and enter the information
  • – After accessing to admin panel, choose the User Menu on the sidebar, then change the password.

Now, it is done.