How To Optimize The Check Out Page

Well, you already have amazing product pages with gorgeous images, outstanding deals and tons of features that all successful ecommerce sites have – all the reasons for customers to happily proceed to the checkout page with something in their cart. But then, look closer and there a big problem is. It might be a silly thing but you’re probably letting your customers down with a confusing, suspicious and on the whole unappealing checkout page. We have seen customers turning away from checkout pages that look nothing but a bunch of text!

How To Optimize The Check-Out Page

Fortunately, optimizing the checkout page is more easily accomplished than you might fear. Just as it’s easy to glamorize your site by taking one of the best ecommerce WordPress Themes 2014, to boost your conversion rate you just have to follow the rule of the 3Cs for the checkout page: Clarity, Convenience, and Confidence.



It’s important that people can clearly see what you want not only on this page but any other page. Customers don’t want any confusion related to their transactions so only show what’s needed and show them as prominently as possible.

Progress bar

Let people know where they are in the checkout process. Also, by showing people their accomplishment of finishing each step, this feature creates a positive push for people to try to quickly get to the end. Some checkout pages even include this cunning technique of letting the first step be to choose a product, and as customers have already done this before reaching this page, this validation makes them feel good about their effortless ‘achievement’.

Call to action

Implementing the optimal calls to action is the art of successful sellers and it’s hard to identify a fit-for-all call to action. However, there are some really simple tips for optimizing your own call to action (CTA) that you might have missed. First, choose the right color. It should be a contrast color that hasn’t been used at least on that page. Second, the bigger the better. A bigger CTA draws more attention, but of course, keep things in balance. Third, the shape is another decisive aspect, and the arrow shape is often preferred because it gives a positive sense of forward movement and direction. Last but not least, don’t make customers have to read your buttons so use short and concise text on your CTA.

No unexpected costs

Certainly, unexpected are probably the biggest reason customers abandon their carts. This kind of surprise at the counter is nothing pleasant to make sure you keep things clear right from the start.

Product images

This is a genuinely simple step to increasing the clarity on your page. People often would like to see that they have the right product in their checkout cart and showing them appropriate pictures can positively impact your conversion rate.


For this factor, just remember that customers love quick and hassle-free transactions. Therefore, don’t make things the reverse.

Site speed

In reality, your conversion rate is decided by the seconds that it takes to load the page. Therefore, speed is a must for your site especially when you have a large mobile user base if you don’t want to lose your money.

Payment methods

If you have the payment method that customers prefer and are comfortable with, you have more chances of winning the transaction. So make it clear what payment gateways you support and the best method to do so is to display the appropriate credit card logos. This way customers can see in a glance whether you have what they want.

Inline validation

This feature provides a convenient immediate feedback so users know right away whether a field has been correctly filled or not. This eliminates the time that users have to scroll back to where they have got it wrong and therefore makes your checkout page very convenient.

Long cookie expiry time

In actual life, though as expected, not all visitors buy right away. Instead, they often pick something up, put it in their cart for now and give themselves some more time to make a decision. That’s why in order to maintain a certain level of convenience for customers your website has to be able to store information of people’s shopping carts in cookies for quite a long time, probably 7 days or even more.



No one wants to risk their hard-earned money so they will need specific proofs indicating that your site is safe enough and your products are worth the price paid.

Safety signs

Shoppers often expect to see signs that guarantee your page is hacker-proof and free from malware, especially on the checkout page. Safety signs are a visible promise that their money is safe with your site.

Social proof

If you can take advantage of positive social proof – such as reviews or testimonials from users praising your products, you have a way of persuading people to buy what you have. People naturally believe more in what a third party says rather than the manufacturer themselves because it would seem more objective. It will look even more creditable if you provide a picture of the person giving the review or testimonial.


Lots of websites especially booking sites show the number of people looking at or have purchased a specific product/service. This is a good tactic because people are inclined to believe that what the majority do is right and will tend to follow. Remember to use exact numbers as they are more believable.

By applying the 3Cs rule and also adding your own ideas, you will certainly make major changes to your checkout page that will drastically improve overall user experience. And this positive enhancement will naturally lead to increased conversion as well. Why don’t you try these tips now and let us know the results?