Professional WordPress – Design and Development

Whether you are a beginner developer getting started with WordPress or one looking to gain comprehensive knowledge of its inner-workings, “Professional WordPress – Design and Development” is a must have book on your bookshelf.

professional wordpress book review

Professional WordPress was one of the few books on WordPress that I actually invested my time in reading and I have learnt a great deal from it as well. Actually, if you just want to set up a simple personal blog with a WordPress theme, you might not need such a detailed book. However, if you are like me and want to make more sophisticated customizations to your template, develop a larger or more complex site, perhaps with advertisements, then this book has you covered! Professional WordPress provides a lot of great information, from even the very first installation of WordPress to manipulation of the WordPress database, plugins development, WordPress integration (widgets, shortcodes, plugin security), theme development (creating new themes, tweaking existing themes,) to content aggregation (XML feeds, RSS feeds,integrating twitter) and everything else, using detailed explanation, screenshots and samples.

I admit that I am by no means a hardcore developer and have little experience with PHP and CSS, but I find the book’s content to be completely approachable. Certainly the knowledge presented belongs to an advanced level, but the writing is sufficiently understandable to those with only basic knowledge of WordPress and PHP. Thanks to this superb book and its depth of information, I have significantly extended my understanding of PHP merely by using the code samples and have also started to take more interest in learning about the back-end infrastructure of WordPress.

In all aspects, Professional WordPress is an absolutely valuable resource for any WordPress users attempting serious development with WordPress in both knowledge and skills. Not only designers and developers but site owners will derive great benefits from the book as it covers a ton of cool practices that any site owner should know and make use of. It is the kind of book that I would use over and over again for my work!

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