Professional WordPress Plugin Development – Book Review

Apparently, more and more websites are being powered by WordPress. The possibilities are endless; you can actually find a plugin for anything on your WordPress website. However, it is not always possible to come across well designed and well developed plugins; and if you’re like me, while sorting out the plugins you’ll start wondering how they’re created, or what makes a good plugin and will somehow gradually take an interest in building your own. If that’s the case then, Professional WordPress Plugin Development book will be your best companion.

Professional WordPress Plugin Development

Despite being a novice WordPress and PHP developer myself, I have found Professional WordPress Plugin a good starting point. Written by respected developers, the book is essentially meant for developers who look to realize the full potential of WordPress or add more functionality to their existing themes. In this book, not only can I find all the basics of WordPress plugin development but also much more advanced topics and expert advice. It effectively covers all the topics you would likely care about in developing plugins, including WordPress plugin foundation & best practices, WordPress actions and filters, WordPress security or Ajax. From the book, I have also learnt about plugin options, localization, users setup, storing data (via transients, post types, or options), the HTTP API for remote data retrieval, plugin performance test and much more!

Above all, I appreciate how this awesome book clearly explains when and why a specific kind of technique should be implemented. I am actually familiar with many of the techniques introduced but so far have only used them intuitively without really knowing the reason. This book has thus given me better understanding of how everything works. Moreover, the book even goes so far as to provide great details of plugin marketing, setup of automatic updates as well as how to get plugins on the official repo.

Excelling in WordPress plugin development really requires a great deal of knowledge, but fortunately I have found all I need in this one single book. It has also been the best reference I’ve read by far, which I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone serious about WordPress plugin building and any developers who do their business on WordPress.

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