The Emerald inspiration in 2013 web designs

The inspiration color in web design 2013 – Color is a feeling brought to one’s nervous system from the signal combination of three kinds of color receptors in human’s eyes. In the long run, this feeling is also affected by memories during periods of learning and growth in the society; and, by light animations of layouts in short term.

We still remember the color of 2012 – Pantone 17-1436 Tangerine Tango, a red-orange color full of energy for life; then this year, we have witnessed the enthronement of Emerald.

The Color of The Year Selection

Emerald, a vivid green, brings not only the feeling of happiness, but a sense of balance and harmony as well.

As often associated in the splendid of gemstones, Emerald is the feeling of sophistication and luxury. From ancient times, this color has always been extremely beautiful and considered to bring vitality in cultures and religions.

Also, it is the color of innovation and wealth emerged as an associate with green shades. In many years, green is often chosen by countries to represent health and unity.

And thanks to the great impact Emerald has made, this year, 2013, we can look forward to the brilliant presence of the Emerald inspiration in 2013 web designs.


Websites with Emerald or Green