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I have a friend working as a photographer. He goes around the world and has the most awesome pictures in his life and the important thing is that he wants to share all great pictures with everyone, not for any reason except that all pictures are art. I recommended him about Aphrodite wordpress theme; he tried it, which may be the second thing besides taking pictures making him happy. He just goes, discovers, takes picture and has his own portfolio with this theme.

Aphrodite has features to help it become a suitable theme for any collection or portfolio of photography, illustrations, website design or graphic design. The most significant feature of it may be Multiple Sliders, which helps you show your work in your style with one slider for the homepage and one more for every portfolio item, so don’t be amazing with the fact that your work is posted beautifully and monumentally on the center of your site.

Aphrodite WordPress Theme Home

Every artist has his own style, the design team understand this truth so they always makes you feel free to keep all your projects in your own post type and organize the theme with your own order with Portfolio Post Type Feature. I don’t know if I tell you something about the age of my above friend, he is middle-aged so using technique to serve his job must have a little difficult but there is a strange thing is that since day of using this theme he has never complained with me anything. In fact, Aphrodite theme is very easy to set up and use with some great features like Multiple Widgetized Areas or Custom Widgets, which helps you set your site up the way you want and makes your life even easier. The theme also has many other good features that it may take me hours to tell you all but I think that it will be more suitable if you discover it by yourself.

Easy to setup and great looks, what do you ask for more besides two perfect benefits for an artist like you? Aphrodite wordpress theme definitely deserves to be your choice for your portfolio. Choosing another theme, you can have a collection for your own but choosing this theme you can even have an online gallery for your own with all best things from the quality of images to the feeling of the owner of a perfect portfolio.

Main Features:

  • Multiple Sliders
  • Multiple Widgetized Areas
  • Custom Widgets
  • Localization
  • Shortcodes
  • Color Variations
  • Theme Options
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Custom Menus
  • HTML5/ CSS3
  • Support
  • Portfolio Post Type