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Born as a child theme of Directory, one of the most dynamic CMS themes in market, Cuisine WordPress theme is designed to be the pioneer in food and restaurant-related themes. Embedded with many interesting features, this theme certainly amazes you at first glance.

Cuisine Theme would initially impress you about its flexibility allowing designer to easily customize theme’s appearancewith a wide variety of choices including colors, sizes and item arrangements. Moreover, as it is a theme specialized in food and restaurant, this theme is not only designed with bright and a notable image in every page to attract readers but it also includes mapping guideline to assist them in finding their favorite destination.

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Another prominent feature of this template would be its category page view modes which enable users to adjust theme into three different page view types. You might choose Category page grid view to have brief descriptions of restaurants consisting of rating, opening time, contact, address and reviews or Category page list view for a more detail version or Category page map view to find the nearest restaurants from your location. Once you are satisfied with a short description and looking for a more detailed one, a detail page would be available to provide such information regarding its type, price range, payment methods, parking, reservation, etc. In addition, you can even look for users’ information in Profile page in case there are requirements to confirm about identity or credibility.


Since it is a child theme of Directory, Cuisine template also owns a natural advantage which permits it to smoothly harmonize with other Directory-based themes. Last but not least, this theme has already released a mobile version available for all mobile devices, a very wise move to better adapt the contemporary mobility revolution.

Take Cuisine WordPress Theme as your fundamental setting and you would be surprised about how greatly it would contribute to the success of your business!

Features :

  • Category page grid view
  • Category page list view
  • Category page map view
  • Customize the theme easily
  • Detail page
  • Homepage
  • Homepage with map
  • Mobile ready
  • User profile page