Dionysus WordPress Theme For Musicians

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Beside a professional and smart manager, Djs, bands or singers like you also need a site for your own to make you closer to your fans. Choosing a suitable theme for this site is not easy; this theme not only meets user’s need but also shows the private personality of its owner. In this situation, Dionysus WordPress theme will be a perfect choice for your music site.

Let’s start with some main great features of Dionysus. I’m not a professional person in music but there is one thing that I can make sure that the quality of sound is always the most important element in any music site. So using this theme you can feel comfortable about the music sound with its Sound Cloud Integration feature, which helps your audiences listen to your music as well as possible.

Dionysus WordPress theme home

Be a star and you must go around the world to present, to meet your lovely fans and to carry out your music plans, so don’t make your fans miss the dates with you and can’t follow your schedule just because you think it is so difficult. Let feel easy when showing all your tour schedules on Google map and sharing details for each gig with the Tour Schedule feature of Dionysus theme. I guess that the designer of this theme may be a people working in music industry or may be a crazy fan of certain singers. Now that he knows exactly what you and your fans need with 3 Widgetized Areas Feature which helps combine your site with 5 custom widgets like Twitter, Flicker or Facebook and Custom Homepage Feature which proves that the space in this site is yours and you can decorate or order it in your own fashion.

Dionysus also does not forget features included in every theme like Theme Options, Locaization, Cross-Browser and etc, which you can check theme by yourself when you use it.

There is always a gap between you and your fans, so let stop hesitating to choose Dionysus wordpress theme as a link for this great relationship. With all professional features and the terminus for its existence, Dionysus won’t let anyone of you or your fans disappointed.

Main features:

  • Sound Cloud Integration
  • Tour Schedule
  • 3 Widgetized Areas
  • Custom Homepage
  • Theme Options
  • Localization
  • Cross-Browser
  • Custom Menus
  • HTML5/ CSS3
  • Color Variation
  • Short Codes
  • Support