Evolution WordPress Theme

Evolution WordPress theme

Evolution WordPress Theme is built with a fresh orientation with a purpose to bring novelty and neatness to your WordPress blog. This theme has a simple and clear design, not very much colorfully decorated or full with textures. Evolution theme is beautiful in a simple and tranquil manner. Evolution is a perfect option to work as a clean portfolio or a plain personal blog. Any way Evolution will make you site good-looking and top-notch with great layout and fascinating features.


Elegant Theme Evolution WordPress Theme


The home page of Evolution has an overall white background and decoration. The white solid color imposes a great feeling of transparency and cleanness. This color will make your visitors feel easy and comfortable with your site. Besides, there is an image slider at the top of the page to display featured blog posts or special photos that you want to draw attention to. The image slider has a special shortcodes that you can find in the collection of shortcodes offered by Evolution theme. Below the slider are some widgets ready areas where you can add some text description about yourself or your site. You can also add a photo gallery on your site with nice photos to please visitors’ eyes. All these options can be found in the admin control. Evolution theme ePanel gives you the special power to make adjustments to anything you want on the site. You can change colors, photos, texts, SEO options and more. Evolution WordPress theme grants you the chance to make yourself an ultimate site to appeal to people.


Furthermore, Evolution is fully responsive, which means Evolution will automatically rearrange to appear beautiful on any screen. Your visitors can reach your site through their mobile phones without any difficulty and still have great comfort reading your site, not having to scroll or zoom anything.Evolution also provides various shortcodes and page templates to help you build functional pages in your site within a few clicks. You do not have to know any technical coding. Everything has been done for you. You just have to click and enjoy.


Responsive Design Evolution WordPress theme


Evolution WordPress theme is not just what you read from this article. You have to try it and explore the fun that this theme brings to you. Evolution is at Elegant for the price of $39!

List of features:

  • Perpetual Updates
  • Secure & Valid Code
  • Complete Localization
  • Four Unique Colors
  • Excellent Support
  • Shortcodes
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Responsive Design
  • Theme Options
  • Page Templates