Fable WordPress Theme – Modern Theme With Elegant Features

Fable WordPress Theme

Created specifically for blogging, Fable WordPress Theme is designed for easy reading purpose. With modern features, beautiful elements, your blog is like a world of stories for people to explore without the fear of getting lost. It’s a whole new experience!

Fable WordPress Theme

What makes this theme stand out from others is its visual narrative with post variation. It is equipped with the modern long-format style – which means that you have to scroll down to get more. Moreover, the size is made full-screen which gets your audience drawn into your site. You should not be worried about any device people use because the theme is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly which will show your site beautifully.  And this is more than a normal experience for your visitors because of the striking display that could go from simple texts, sliders of each time you scroll down to photo collections, video clips and much more.

The design elements of Fable Theme are certainly to die for as shortcodes, page templates are all there to help you with designing, organizing posts along with many combinations that could turn your page from “not” to “hot”. These two work well to create galleries, content, sitemaps… And don’t worry, as everything is easy to use, from installation, update to customization whether you are a newbie or a master.

So there are a lot more for you to see. You should take Fable WordPress Theme into your shortlist when you use a WordPress blog or you are better buy it to enjoy the best experience that it provides.





  • Browser Compatibility
  • Complete Localization
  • Perpetual Updates
  • Secure and Valid Code
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Unparalleled Support