Foxy WordPress Theme


With the ability to create fun and catchy environment but still maintain the clean and functional layout, Foxy WordPress Theme is a statement of online business themes – it could please any visitors and customers that comes to your site.


The first thing to mention about Foxy is the impressive and responsive design which is taken to a new level. The header slide is large and bold with pop-up captions to emphasize your products. Every time you move the cursor on any button or tag, label, it would change color to interact. The product display is clean and clear with full description and review. The visitors would be taken by surprise at the elegant yet modern features that Foxy brings along.

Moreover, the ePanel theme option gives you full control of what would be displayed, how the layout would appear, advertisement management and you are accessible to the unlimited colors for the theme. In addition, shortcodes used in Foxy WordPress Theme are easily used for designing and organizing your posts. With a large number of shortcodes (such as buttons, boxes, image slider, custom list,…) the site is all yours: you could add or remove column at your discretion, add social media badges, use password protection (if you like) for any content. Another thing to talk about is the site’s templates, you are allowed to choose functions within each individual page, create additional forms of content.


And that is not everything that Foxy WordPress Theme could provide. So why don’t you bring home this beautiful, all-in-one solution theme for your businesses? It certainly won’t disappoint you.


  • Unparalleled Support
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Complete Localization
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Secure and Valid Code
  • Perpetual Updates
  • and many more…