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Glare WordPress Theme was created with a simple yet professional layout concept in mind. This theme is designed to have a responsive layout because we know how important that can be. And since the theme is responsive, it can be displayed on a wide range of devices, show your work on all audiences. The next great thing after the responsive design is the portfolio layout. Imagine having an online photo gallery while all the features of a normal blog being maintained.

Glare is a very easy-to-use theme. Let me tell you, the theme has a very convenient theme option which gives you the power to control everything. The theme also has cross-browser compatibility to make sure it will work with almost every browser out there such as Firefox, Chrome, etc. If you want to translate the theme to other languages, the localization feature is always there, instead of translating strings of text inside each template file. We use translation files. Just edit one file and you are good to go.

Glare WordPress Theme Blog

We believe modern WordPress themes should use modern technologies. So our Glare Theme is based on HTML5 / CSS3 (progressively). The theme also supports shortcodes so you can pretty much design your site the way you want. One last thing, by purchasing our theme, you gain life time support, so if you have any technical problems, just ask on the forum and we’ll be more than happy to help you solve your problems.

Well, what are you waiting for? Just one click and you’ll get all the things listed above. It likes a one in a life time deal!

Features : 

  • RESPONSIVE LAYOUT : Glare is accessible from a wide range of devices. Show your work on all audiences.
  • SUPERSIZED : Two types of homepages, one with super photo slider and the other with full screen background video!
  • FLEXIBILITY : We’ve made Glare as flexible as possible. Select how many columns you want in all your listings.
  • GET NOTIFIED : Create the contact page of your dreams. Set up your map, widgets, contact forms and text as you wish!
  • HTML5 / CSS3