ICarus WordPress Theme

ICarus Wordpress Theme

In fact, ICarus is a Fullscreen Responsive Studio theme for WordPress which is specialized in fullscreen posts. This theme is tailored for commercial purposes. Especially, it’s best suitable for those who wanna display their products in a most impressive way. Besides, agencies, designers and photographers can find this theme helpful in their building website. In fact, with the Shortcodes included, the theme is ideal for your jobs of making websites.

iCarus Fullscreen Studio for WordPress

One competitive point of  ICarus wordpress theme is, again, its fullscreen feature. In fact, this feature enables you to create fullscreen homepage for customers so that they can easily surf your products or services. This is of great comfort to them for sure. In more details, fullscreen feature comes in Fullscreen Slideshow, Fullscreen Video and Fullscreen Audio, which will enhance the efficiency of your displaying website.

In addition, this theme is kind of responsive. This is to say, it can display your website in the most remarkable performance and adjust your website to fit with the screen of devices that it is viewed on. This is why ICarus theme is known for its responsiveness.

For this theme to be responsive in its performance, another feature is integrated. That is, unlimited color combinations. You are offered a possibility to choose from unlimited colors to combine and form the best appearance that will suit your favor and better your website.

Last but not least, ICarus wordpress theme comes out with such impressive features. But without the right users who know to take advantage of the valuable features, this theme is no different from other theme. Therefore, it’s you that is the reason for ICarus’ existence. So, let’s grap the chance to explore this theme!

Now, you are just a few clicks away to experience this incredible theme.

Features :

  • Responsive
  • Fullscreen Slideshow
  • Fullscreen with Audio
  • Unlimited Color Combinations
  • Photowall
  • Shortcode generators
  • Kenburns Slideshow
  • Fullscreen Video
  • Advanced Theme Options