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I know that you are a girl and sometimes you will intend to do something followed by inspiration. However, I also know that you are a businesswoman and you need a tool to help your own business be successful. So we created this tool and its name is Magdalena WordPress theme. There is a little strange in the theme name but there is truth that any one look at your site can say: “Oh, what an elegant site, it clearly belongs to a clever girl!” and this thing will really make you and your business stand out.

Its Color Skins Feature creates this difference with three-color schemes such as blue, pink and minty. Be a woman, you may do business in food shop, fashion shop or flower shop. But whatever area you do, you still can set up your site easily without diving into the coding, which makes any woman feel comfort and satisfied. Yes, I am introducing Theme Options Feature and One Click Auto Update Feature of Magdalena to you. Two features are really amazing and fabulous like a gift we give to you.

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There is a secret that I still don’t tell you is that the designer of this theme is a man. Crazy? In fact, I must say: “No”. He is a talented designer and studied carefully about you, girls. You are so lucky to have him to make this great theme. Beside above features, he also designed Custom Logo Upload, Responsive Layout, Custom Shortcodes, etc. You know, a man always know to way to help businesswoman like us.

I’m nearly speechless right now when I’, surfing my site with Magdalena WordPress Theme. When buy it, I know that it’s good but what I am experiencing is out of my expectation. You are a girl; you do business; you know what the best for your business is without losing your femininity and you choose this theme. Appear lightly, slide lightly and make you love it lightly; it is for you, lovely girls!


Main features:

  • Color Skins
  • Theme Options
  • Localization Support
  • Photoshop Files Included
  • Featured Slider
  • One Click Auto Update
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Theme Documentation
  • Helpful Support
  • Custom Shortcodes
  • ResCustom Logo Uploadponsive Layout