Nightlife WordPress Theme

Nightlife Wordpress Theme

Nightlife WordPress Theme

The night life has always been something exciting and memorable for most people. Catching up on the schedule of parties and gatherings around you can be quite a feat sometimes. Now things will no longer be like that. With Nightlife wordpress theme, you will have a full detailed schedule of every party, prom and gathering anywhere around you. The night life has now been carefully planned and scheduled.

Nightlife WordPress Theme


Nightlife theme is an event directory theme. It works like a detailed timetable listing out every event going to take place. The events are shown with full information about organizers, venues, times and other things. Being as the admin of Nightlife site, you have the power to control and manage information about the events and attendants. Also, you can allow other people to post their own events through your site and help you earn money. It is professionally built with fascinating functionality and efficiency, packed with cool features that will definitely take your breath and draw people’s attention to your site, spreading the spirit of the night life all around the area.

Nightlife worpdress theme is not just like a directory book on the events. Nightlife brings those events to life and makes them appeal to people. The events are posted with images and name right on the homepage of Nightlife. Once people click on an event, a page with detailed description will appear showing you everything you need to know about the event: organizers, place, time, phone, email of the event, etc. You can choose to send inquiry to join the event and share the information to your friends. Also, you can share about the event on your own Facebook accounts because Nightlife theme offers the link to share directly to your social network. Isn’t this cool about Nightlife? Besides, Nightlife wordpress theme is compatible with Google Maps. Such a great support from Google Maps will contribute greatly to the success and popularity of your site. People will know exactly the place of event and they can browse the way from their neighborhood to reach the show. In addition, every show submitted onto Nightlife will be remembered and granted the best SEO so that the show will surely appear in the advanced search. No event goes unnoticed.

As an admin, you can post any event you know on Nightlife to catch people attention and attendance. However, you are not the only one being able to submit events onto Nightlife theme. Registered members can also submit their events. Of course, you are the one deciding whether they are allowed to submit or not. The submission form is totally customizable through the control panel and you can edit the form to your own preference. You can add, remove and edit fields, anything you want.  Submission from members can be uploaded to the homepage automatically or after the admin’s consideration. It is up to you. This member submission also brings along a very special feature. That is the monetization of submission. In other words, you have the power to charge your members for their submission. You can allow them to submit for free or for some fees. The amount of money is up to you. Along comes the coupon feature which helps you generate some coupon and discount codes for members. When your site is famous and popular, people will come and show their desire to submit an event to catch attendance. Then you can easily earn money from their submission. Easy money comes to you thanks to Nightlife theme. Cool, isn’t it?


Members and even you will feel a need to sell tickets for the events. That is unavoidable and that is also a special feature of Nightlife. Nightlife wordpress theme  understands you to the best. This theme is built to assist you in your business and help reduce the trouble to the lowest. The tickets are sold through the help of the omnipotent plugin WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a plugin that will keep track of your business as well as being responsible for the statistics and other sales things. The tickets are sold directly on your site. Money will come in your pocket and it is your job to forward it back to the organizers.

Nightlife wordpress themeis integrated with social networks like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Unregistered members can log in through their social network account and enjoy their visit in Nightlife. In addition, this wordpress theme allows Facebook users to stream Facebook event directly onto Nightlife, making Nightlife a hot schedule for any kind of events. Nightlife theme is also packed with the outstanding Tevolution plugin. Tevolution provides various features that will complete your site to every small detail. Tevolution offers translation, custom field editing, content transfer, register form editing and so on. Your site will be an ultimate site with perfection to even small details.

Furthermore, Nightlife is easy to install. Just one–click and you can start to enjoy the best theme ever made. This theme also grants freedom and convenience to visitors as they can get access to the site from any device they use. Nightlife is compatible and adaptable to smart phones, tablets, laptop, PC and so on.


There are a lot more waiting for you to explore and enjoy in Nightlife. Grab Nightlife theme now and start your ultimate directory theme! Your site will be the best site ever!

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List of features:

  • Built-in Page Templates
  • Valid, Cross browser compatible
  • Facebook integration
  • Shortcodes
  • Full compatibility with Gravity Forms plugin
  • Recurring events
  • Excellent Support
  • Widget Ready with custom widgets
  • Fully customizable homepage
  • Growing forum community with tons of useful content
  • Tevolution plugin with various features
  • PSD File included with multiple use license
  • Theme guide and Tutorials
  • Built-in Ad Monetization
  • Mega menu
  • One-Click Auto-Install
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Full compatibility with WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin