Nimble WordPress Theme

Nimble WordPress theme is a symbol of modernism and professionalism. For short, this wordpress theme is a beautiful candy to the eyes.


Saying that does not mean Nimble is only impressive for its layout and decoration. You will also be amazed at the efficient functions of Nimble theme. This wordpress theme is designed with balance in both appearance and functions. It just does not let you down in any aspect. This theme comes packed with an outstanding and many cool features that make Nimble wordpress theme unique and impressive.


Nimble home page is built in the style of a one-paged WordPress blog. You can scroll down to explore more and more about the site. This feature help reduce the time and energy of visitors having to open many tab, many pages to fully get a demand of the site. Nimble brings ultimate comfort and convenience to people by putting every important thing on its long home page. You will explore more as you scroll down more. At the top is the header banner of this wordpress theme in a form of a full-width solid color banner. On this banner of Nimble theme, you can add description for your page and add images to embellish your site. The header banner of this theme comes in 5 different color options for you. You can choose one of them to fit your taste most. Below the header banner is the main content of your site. You can have testimonials, quotes, image gallery and anything else displayed as the main content area. Nimble presents many useful shortcodes and page templates for you to perfect your site the way you like. You can add more objects and functional pages to make your site unique and more to your taste. Nimble theme is best suitable to serve as a personal portfolio, a product promoting page or a personal blog.

This wordpress theme comes with responsive design. This means Nimble will appear beautifully and fit perfectly in any screen of any device, no matter how big or how small it is. This gives visitors the ultimate comfort browsing your site. Their time on your site will be memorable. Besides, Nimble theme gives you an ePanel to perform overall control over your site, you can change anything you want to any way you like.

Nimble wordpress theme is not just what is mentioned in this summary. This wordpress theme is still there waiting for your explore. You will be amazed and Nimble never lets you down. $39 at Elegant. Come quick!



List of features:

  • Browser Compatibility
  • Theme Options
  • Responsive Design
  • Page Templates
  • Shortcodes
  • 5 Color Schemes
  • Excellent Support
  • Complete Localization
  • Perpetual Updates
  • Secure and Valid Code