Pinstagram WordPress Theme

Pinstagram Wordpress Theme set

Pinstagram WordPress Theme is a Pinterest-inspired theme that features the trademark grid layout with multiple post sizes and a long list of posts. This theme is bound to bring a whole new world full of amazing theme features to you.


Pinstagram WordPress Theme


Pinstagram is highly responsive; the responsive grid can automatically adjust and optimize display on any devices such as desktop, mobile as well as tablet. What makes Pinstagram so special is its friendly layout. Thanks to this feature, the new users can get familiar with and capture the magic of Pinterest, with the trademark grid layout. Besides, Pinstagram is equipped with shortcodes. It means that the users can easily add quotes, media, lists and other items to their post with the 1-click shortcodes which make creating new posts really a breeze.

Moreover, Pinstagram theme is hand-coded with the latest techniques in HTML 5 and CSS 3 to help the users maximize the functionality, speed and power of their blog. Plus, this theme also has translation-ready capabilities. With this function, the users can easily translate their theme into more languages and reach many other users all around the world. In addition, one of the reasons why people love Pinstagram is because it has SEO optimization. Not only that, Pinstagram also possesses custom widgets and all Google fonts.


Pinstagram WordPress Theme 2


Furthermore, unlimited backgrounds and color schemes will help the users have more choices to consider. They can customize Pinstagram to their liking and choose the colors that represent them by choosing from any of unlimited color schemes.

Pinstagram WordPress Theme is awesome and the interesting things it can bring are sure boundless. Now people can get easy access to a more professional-style website combined with beautiful themes. Only one click and you will receive all what you long expect.