PixelWhiz WordPress Theme for Designer

What are the reasons you should pick PixelWhiz wordpress theme instead of others in the same category? Let’s get an overview!

Well compatible with the popular browsers such as Opera, Safari, Firefox, IE7, IE8 and IE9, PixelWhiz gives the best performance of your website. More importantly, whatever device your customers use to access your website, they will gain the same remarkable experience. This theme is tailored for those who are ready to create the difference for their website!




This wordpress theme is really a recommended choice for a designer to showcase his website in an original way. Firstly, PixelWhiz theme goes with the unique, massive back end CMS and therefore you are exposed to endless opportunities to make changes to satisfy your tastes. What’s more, this designer wordpress theme comes out with 4 flavors: Dirty, Wood, Clean and Leather which can please the most selective customers and you can pick up the one you prefer among them for setting. Not only that, with some kinds of themes, you may get bored or even annoyed with the process of installing when it comes to server setting. But with PixelWhiz, this will never happen under any circumstance. It’s all thanks to its feature of one click auto install. This is to say, with this feature integrated, you can take it easy enjoying your coffee while having the theme auto-installed by our framework! It’s so helpful! Moreover, customers usually encounter problems when it comes to choosing their hosting server, but now, things have improved thanks to the help of a special hosting configuration – an integrated part of this theme. You now can enjoy using and exploring the theme without any worry.




If you are creative designers, you will certainly never refuse any opportunity to better your website of showcasing your graphic work! And PixelWhiz wordpress theme is an opportunity we bring to you, what are you waiting for?


  • Responsive theme
  • One click auto install
  • Fuse framework
  • Best for a designer’s showcase website
  •  Responsive experience