Restaurante WordPress Theme

restaurante homepage

Like its name, Restaurante is a responsive wordpress theme making your restaurants become closer to your customers than ever before. With price of 90$, it is even better than your expectation. From the colors, the designs to the ways this theme operates, all is absolutely perfect.

People often say that “Eat with your eyes”, understand the meaning of this sentence, dishes of your restaurant shown with Restaurante theme will win your customers at the first sight. Especially with the Showcase feature, dishes appear as if they want to say that “Hey, I’m, so delicious; let me serve you this meal”. How can you neglect an attractive theme like that?

restaurante theme color schemes

After drawing the attention from your customers, Restaurante also makes your customers feel convenient in reserving online from booking dishes to booking the space. Not only makes your customers satisfied but also this theme makes you feel as if you are a conjurer, a boss of this site. If you want to manage to sell products, this wordpress theme has WooCommerce plugin feature, if you want to create and easily post the new menu, this theme has Create and Display menus feature, if you want to change colors, date, languages or something like that, this theme also can serve you quickly and easily. Now can you believe what I have just said is true, can’t you? If you still don’t believe, let experience it by yourself. Because it has many another wonderful features, which just when you use it you can feel how great it is.

One of commends for Restaurante wordpress theme is that: “Templatic offers class WordPress Theme support and unique, highly innovative and professionally useful WordPress theme. So glad to have found it”. Choose it and success!


  • Showcase your restaurant.
  • Sell products.
  • Showcase banners and ads.
  • Accept reservation online.
  • Create and display menus.
  • Create a multilingual site.
  • Unlimited colors options.
  • Included calendar.
  • Maintain a regular ol’ blog
  • Easily manage the homepage