SixtyOne WordPress Theme For Hotel & Resort

SixtyOne WordPress Theme

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SixtyOne WordPress theme is equipped with all the most functional features and a gorgeous responsive design. The theme is specifically made for hotel and resort websites but it can also be a good selection for other businesses.

SixtyOne theme is a perfectly responsive theme that is built on the flexible Foundation grid and therefore can adjust smoothly to the screen sizes of all monitors and mobile devices. This marvelous theme comes with a clean and elegant design that is also very flexible. You can add as many columns as you wish in the Rooms or Galleries section, select your sidebar layout, pick your favorite color theme from the many color themes provided or make use of any of the custom templates available, such as the ready-made Contact page, Location template, Booking template, Amenities and much more! For the booking, you can choose to integrate any booking system of your choice or simply use our elegant and easy to use booking form. Let’s keep being updated with the latest orders!

SixtyOne WordPress Theme Home Page

Building your website with SixtyOne is also a breeze. By understanding your needs, its developers keep only the most important features in the theme’s options panel, minimizing any confusion that you might have while working with this theme. Similarly, going through the text of each template file to translate you website is no longer the problem with this theme. Just use the translation files that is included in the theme, edit just one file and it’s done! This means you can reach more visitors with much less effort. You will also find a number of popular shortcodes for common factors such as buttons, dividers or columns; as well as straightforward custom menus which greatly help in managing the available navigation systems. Furthermore, SixtyOne theme goes along smoothly with all popular browsers today (including the not so modern Internet Explorer 7) and promises to yield the best look every time and everywhere. This theme uses only the most up to date technologies and provides amazing support to boot!

You’ll not see fully how awesome SixtyOne WordPress theme is until you have tried it for yourself! Check it out today and see how far your business can advance!


  • Responsive Layout : Based on the flexible Foundation grid, SixtyOne performs well to all monitor and mobile sizes!
  • Super Flexible : Select your sidebar layout, how many columns you wish in your Rooms or Galleries, anything is possible!
  • Custom Templates : SixtyOne supports out of the box Contact pages, Galleries, a Booking Template, Location Template, Amenities and much more.
  • Booking Form : Integrate your favorite booking system or let your visitor get in touch with our booking form.
  • Theme Options : Instead of making things harder than they already are, we provide only the most important options. Let’s keep things simple.
  • Localization : Tired of translating strings of text inside each template file? We use translation files. Just edit one file and you are good to go.
  • Cross-browser Compatibility : Unlike the competition, we make sure our themes work in every modern browser out there. Including Internet Explorer 7 (not so modern).
  • Shortcodes : We created a small set of often used things like buttons, columns, dividers etc. Lock-in effect? Nope. Available through a plugin.
  • Custom Menus : Available in WordPress 3.0+, custom menus is a great way to manage the navigation systems available in our themes. Very easy to use.
  • HTML5 / CSS3 : We believe modern WordPress themes should be using modern technologies. Every theme in our catalogue is based on HTML5 / CSS3 (progressively).
  • Color variations : What’s your favorite color? If you ask us, well, we don’t know yet. That’s why we provide our themes with various color schemes.
  • Support : We work really hard to keep things simple. There are moments that you may need help though. Just use our forum and we will be more than happy to help.