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Video Wordpress Theme

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Nowadays videos have been playing a crucial part in the social network. Video blogs have been set up by dedicated bloggers to share videos for people’s opinion and watching. Video wordpress theme will turn your blog into a well-organized media place where people come to enjoy and exchange opinions.


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Video theme belongs to the category of Free themes and Multimedia themes. Video is built with a taste of modernism in structure and organization. Video theme is packed with various special features to assist its function of a video blog as well as to bring a professional and friendly look to all customers. Let’s take a look at those features!

First of all, the feature One Click Auto Install will totally blow your mind.Video only needs a click to get activated and completely installed to your site. You do not have to take steps to install each and everything like in other themes. Also, you do not have to understand deeply into technical coding or anything. Just one click to activate Video theme and that is it. Now you can add stuff, videos, description and other adjustments for your preference. The cool thing about Video wordpress theme is that the interface of Video is designed with an aim at promoting a professional yet friendly and easy-to-use look to all visitors. Some hot and watch-worthy videos are set on the slide at the upper part of the homepage to catch more attention. Mentioned below are the videos arranged in categories. Video theme provides a lot of categories for visitors to choose what suits them most. On the side are the suggested or top rated videos for visitors’ attention. Furthermore, the front page is totally customizable through dynamic widgets and the powerful control panel. You can change settings to suit your likings most. The control panel allows you to make any settings you like without touching the web code. You can set colors, arrange videos; decide what to appear and what to hide from the page. Besides, you are able to set the language for you Video blog. Video theme can translate all content into your native language through the control panel.

Video offers a video list page. In this page, all videos are listed with title and descriptions. Visitors can browse around and choose the video they like to watch. Moreover, visitors can click on “Categories” tab to open category list and choose the category they want to browse. Once visitors click on a video, a video detail page will appear and begin to play the video. As for the purpose of the site to share videos and exchange opinions, in the video detail page, we put some links to the social networks and social media sites so that you can share the videos on your own social page and catch other people’s attention. Besides, in the video page, a lot of relevant videos are suggested for further enjoyment of visitors and they will surely decide to stay on your site longer and longer. Another feature of Video wordpress theme is the threaded comment. Now visitors can leave some opinions on the videos they watch and start a conversation with other visitors. That is to serve the purpose of exchanging and sharing opinion on your site. People watch videos and comment on it, such communication will keep your site active and attractive to visitors. Regarding the communication, Video theme offers the feature blog. Blogging has always been fun. You can post news, notes and your own opinion on your blog page and people will come over and read, then leave some comments. Now there is a communication between the visitors and the admin of a page. Besides, people can read news and other stuff on your page, not just merely watch videos. Your page is now a place of entertainment and relaxation for people. Isn’t that great?


Video WordPress Theme


Video is also built with a professional SEO system to grant you maximum exposure to the search engines. Video theme is also packed with various cool widgets to help you achieve your dream video blog and Video is fully compatible with many browsers.

There are more benefits and joy you will surely gain from Video wordpress theme. Let’s start your own unique and amazing video sharing blog with Video! What are you still waiting for?

It is only Free. Let’s hurry!

List of features:

  • Widget Ready with custom widgets
  • Video Listing Page
  • Blog Details Custom Taxonomy
  • Built-in Ad Monetization
  • Valid, Cross Browser Compatible
  • One Click – Auto Install
  • Excellent Support
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Customizable Header Region
  • Fully Customizable Front Page
  • Custom Control Panel
  • Three Detailed Color Schemes
  • Video Detail Page
  • Blog Listing
  • Drop Down & Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Gravatar Support & Threaded Comments
  • Localization Support
  • Theme Guide & Tutorials