WP Store WordPress Theme

wp store wordpress theme

WP Store wordpress theme is built to fit in the E-commerce category. WP Store is packed with a lot of special and carefully selected E-commerce features that will assist you thoroughly in promoting and upgrading your site, bringing more and more customers to come over and buy stuff. WP Store theme will surely do its job well and you will enjoy your best investment ever.


wp store wordpress theme


WP Store has one of the most outstanding features ever: the One-click Auto-Install. Forget the steps that it used to take to set up a theme for your wordpress site. WP Store theme only requires a simple and magical click. Just pay a click and WP Store will be totally automatically installed into your site. You do not have to understand the process or the technical coding or something. Just a click and done. That is just a simple example of how WP Store brings you ease and comfort. Another feature we would like to point out is the WooCommerce plugin. WP Store wordpress theme is now WooCommerce compatible. This plugin provides countless extensions and features that help you keep track of statistics and sales as well as promoting sales of your products. You can customize WooCommerce easily to your preference to make your site a unique and ultimate E-commerce site.

WP Store offers different modes of Shopping Cart to serve users’ different purposes. There are 3 modes: Shopping Cart, Digital Shop and Catalog Mode. Shopping Cart is suitable when you sell physical (or tangible) items like perfume, clothes, equipment, etc. Customers can click “Add To Cart” when they choose an item they want and come back for more shopping, or they can click “Buy Now” to go to the checkout immediately. Digital Shop is suitable when you sell intangible items like music, art, PDF, Ebooks, etc. Customers, once making their purchase, will have an account established on your site and they can download their items any time they like. Catalog Mode is suitable when your purpose is not to make online sales, but to show your products and attract people.


wp store wordpress


WP Store allows you to manage products easily with detailed guide and instructions. You can add or remove a product. Besides, you can also edit products’ description and some other information like sizes, colors, even taxes and so on. Shipping options are available in WP Store theme. You have 4 options: by flat rate, free, price based and weight based. You can set different types of shipping on different products, or for different locations. In addtition, as an E-commerce site, WP Store helps you manage orders from the customers, whether to accept or reject them. Feel your power yet? With WP Store theme, you are at the top of power and influence over your site, with the reduction of problems and miscellaneous issues.

Customers will surely love paying your site a visit as WP Store wordpress theme brings along a professional look with a taste of minimalism. The homepage is simple and focused most on the products. The theme has 2 detailed color scheme: black and white. Black background gives a feeling of politeness, elegance and formality. Meanwhile, white background gives a feeling of cleanness, transparency and minimalism. Besides, the structure of the page is built strategically to expose the products to the visitors in the best way. There is a big banner at the upper part to show hot products and special news or promotion. Mentioned below are the products’ images with prices arranged in columns and rows. When visitors click on a specific product, they are brought to a detailed page with full description and information for their consideration. Visitors will love how professional your site is and be happy to go online shopping in such a place.

WP Store wordpress theme can be introduced more with even more amazing features. This is a short summary of how cool WP Store is. You will enjoy more as you explore more. Just $65 away from your unique and catchy online store.WP Store is waiting for you at Templatic. This wordpress theme is a trustworthy friend that just never disappoints you.



List of features:

  • Bulk Upload (CSV)
  • Coupon Codes
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Product Specification
  • Gravatar Support And Threaded comments
  • Affiliate Module
  • Custom Control Panel
  • Different Modes of Shopping Cart
  • Grid View/List View
  • Guest Checkout
  • Product Management
  • Drop Down Menu and Breadcrumb navigation
  • One Click Auto Install
  • Blog
  • Theme Guide & Tutorials
  • Widget Ready with custom widgets
  • Valid, Cross Browser compatible
  • Localization Support
  • Order Management
  • Two detailed color schemes
  • Product Images
  • Other Parameters
  • Built-In Ad Monetization
  • Fully customizable front page
  • Usability
  • Shipping Options
  • User Registration
  • Auto-Resizing Product Images
  • PSD File Included with developer version
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Tax Management
  • WooCommerce
  • Excellent Support