Windows Style Metro Social Media Icons Set Free For Download

The Metro interface is a highlight of Windows 8. The color blocks represent programs and at the same time display updated information of such programs. Screenshots of this interface soon got uploaded and spread all over the webs. Most people believe this interface is a striking breakthrough of Microsoft that promises to extend the fascination of use of Windows Operation System.


1.  What is Metro UI?

Metro UI is an interface designed based on the arrangement of fonts and square blocks developed by Microsoft. It was firstly designed for Windows Phone 7 and is now applied to Windows 8.

In fact, Metro UI takes inspiration for the design from the signs and boards at a metro station (hence got the name Metro). The signs and boards have contrasting colors, large clear fonts and visual-impact icons. We have actually seen them in Windows Media Center and they are also the main interface of Zune.

2.  Important factors when designing a website to the style of Metro UI:

  1. Notice the fonts: Though optional, it is highly advised that you use Segoe UI font. This font is elegant, beautiful, slim and modern… This is the digital beauty Microsoft has been focusing on.
  2. Notice the colors: If you understand tone values and the principles of tone values, we have nothing further to discuss about this. Otherwise, we should take the color codes of Windows 8 to get the standard tone of values.
  3. Notice the important factors and what’s not. Important ones need to be made salient, put into large colorful hubs, large fonts and vice versa.
  4. “Less is more”. Design the website simple and minimalistic, make some statistic figures and only put in the most important widgets that visitors need. Omit the gifs and other extraneous images.
  5. Notice the blanks: Blanks among parts and blocks are more important than we think as they contribute to creating the interface of the web. We should notice to arrange the parts in lines, or at least, in orders that are easy to manipulate. Putting monotonous objects too close to each other would cause visitors to suffocate and get really confused.
  6. Notice the icons: If you pay enough attention, you would recognize that symbols and icons in Metro style are much different such as Windows Style Metro Social Media Icons Set free for download, arrow buttons left right down up.
  7. Notice the effects. Use smart effects to create smoothness in motion. Refrain from shadow effects, 3D, edging effects or other sophisticated decorative effects so that in the end, the website has a pure modern digital beauty.


This is a list of resources (Metrostyle Web UI Kit) we have collected to support designers in developing and designing websites.


1. Metro UI Concept Twitter Widget PSD


Metro UI Concept Twitter Widget PSD

2. 15 Windows Style Metro Social Media Icons Set


Windows Style Metro Social Media Icons Set

3. Metro Style Windows 8 Icon Pack PNG


Metro Style Windows 8 Icon Pack PNG

4.Simple Elegant Popup Search Box PSD


Simple Elegant Popup Search Box PSD

5.Polaris UI Pack


Polaris UI Pack

6.Metrostyle Web UI Kit (PSD)


Metrostyle Web UI Kit (PSD)




8. Metro icon windows metro


Metro icon windows metro

9.Metro Social Media Icon Set


Metro Social Media Icon Set

10.Metro Testimonial UI Widget PSD


Metro Testimonial UI Widget PSD

11.Metro UI Kit Vol.1


Metro UI Kit Vol.1

12.Metro UI Kit Vol.2


Metro UI Kit Vol.2

13. Metro Style Calendar PSD


Metro Style Calendar PSD

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